Angelo’s Pizza Mosaic

Angelo's Pizza


Angelo’s had a dated unattractive sign identifying their business on a side wall adjacent to a parking lot.


This was the first job completed by the Community Mosaic Project. Over the course of 4 days, we took down the old sign, smoothed out the wall surface and installed a metal frame. Then stenciled the business lettering, and outlined the entire composition, designed by Amy Chamberlain. We then broke all the tile, cut all the mirror and glued it to the wall. Then we mixed 6 different grout colors and applied them to each separate area. Last we adhered seashells to the wings of the pizza pies, and outlined the composition again in black paint.

We honestly were very anxious about this project, since we had never done anything like it before. Not to mention, none of the amazing volunteers had any experience with this medium. We were quite amazed by how beautiful and readable the installation turned out! We’ve had raved reviews, and quickly booked more mosaic projects.

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Angelo's Pizza

Angelo's Pizza

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