Cayuga Community College SOMA Entrance

 SOMA entrance


Upon entering the main doors into the School of Media and the Arts, CCC students and visitors were not provided with any welcome signage or visual connection to the department or its offerings. The first sight wall displayed a ghostly metal memorial wall plaque looming above a space over-filled with random furnishings.


First stop was removing the plaque from center stage, and installing it next to other plaques on a nearby wall- now its a collection! Since this entrance is directly adjacent to the Music Department, we continued with the same gold and blue wall color palette into this space, but with this border, we featured the different programs included in CCC’s School of Media and the Arts.

My colleague Brian Redfield designed full-color wall graphics to further identify this Department and visually illustrate the college’s options and programs. We went with fun 80s themed images to give the space pop and punch. The furniture was then downsized and rearranged to better suit the space, and half walls were built on the periphery to give people more privacy and places to work on their lap tops and such. Now the space offers information, promotion, interest and identity, a huge improvement all around.

soma 1

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