Cayuga Community College Student Lounge


This common area for students needed to be upgraded and contents better arranged for maximum use and comfort.


Adding sectional rugs anchored the social comfort zones, and further incorporated the new color palette of chocolate brown, deep red, dusty purple and green. These echo the colors used inside CCC’s Main Building and Café. We used FLOR carpet tiles, to build our own rug, with colors of our choosing. The product is highly durable with a rubber backing so it won’t slip on the wood floor.

Other mismatched furniture was taken out of the space to create better flow. International country flags will be installed above the 7.5’ paint line on the TV wall to balance the message and colors of the 9-11 murals. Image Agent installed a window film over the Criminal Justice meeting room to tidy up that space. Brian then designed a logo that was installed on the back wall to identify the space, and tie in the colors.

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