The Courtneys were ready for a living room update. The colors were tan and blue, it was wallpapered, and the furniture was colonial. They desired more style and comfort, with a color scheme that complimented the other rooms in their home.



We took the reverse approach, and the Courtneys found furniture that they loved first; which then helped refine our color pallet for the project. The wall paper was removed, and for the walls and ceiling we used light and dark shades of buttery yellow, a burnt orange for the fireplace wall, and metallic blue for the trim and silver for the windows. The next step was to mosaic the fireplace, to serve as a focal point on the accent wall, and pull in all those colors. Paintings by local artists, and their budding artistic son, will adorn the walls.

Jesse, the room was met with RAVE REVIEWS!!!! Everyone just loved it! I heard such comments as it is warm and inviting, loved the curtains and tiles, inspiring and unique! I let them all know how much we used your creative insight and skills in bringing the room to its rebirth! – Shelly Courtney


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