Deja Vu Boutique

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Kari was anxious and excited to open her new clothing boutique, but there was alot of work to be done. She needed a team of qualified people to work together to enhance her vision for the space on a very tight turn around. Get set- Go!


I took a world-wind tour with Kari and we discussed each area of the space, how it would function, and what furniture pieces would go where. The design theme was high-end Paris boutique, color palette pinks, high-gloss black and metallic. After wall and trim colors were decided on, I set to work refabbing three antique furniture pieces- a side board, a vanity and a wardrobe. See one “before” picture below.

Using paint, gem stones, new knobs and decoupage specialty papers, I gave these peices new life. The vanity deserved special attention, so I removed the broken mirror from some of the inlaid areas and added crusted jewels in their place. Combined, they really set off the entire space and upgrade the look. I called in Brian Redfield to create a few accent silouette graphics, which added even more elegance and tied into the logo.

I have to give props to D. D. Brewster of Wishful Painting. She worked untold hours with Kari painting, fixing things and building out the space. It was a total team effort, and everyone worked very well together. This a beautiful shop located at 180 Genesee Street, next to Seymour Library. Please visit! It’s a nice retail addition to downtown Auburn’s offerings.




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