Marlis and her husband bought a new home that was much smaller than they were used to. The furniture felt too big and the environment cluttered. Not to mention, bad wallpaper, lighting and dingy walls did not reflect their sensibilities and style!


Being able to choose a color palette to carry through the entire house is ideal. In that their home is in the country, earthy greens, browns, metallics- with black as an accent- was the direction the color scheme took.

We started in the bathroom with green upper walls and mocha brown lower walls, separated by a leaf pattern wood trim, seen elsewhere in the house. A new black marble top vanity with cherry carved wood front replaced the old, and the ceiling was painted a bronze metallic, trim black. What a difference, the room looks much more classy and big!

The wall between the living room and dining room had to come down. The improvement in flow is undeniable! Rearranging the furniture and downsizing the bulky top from the TV console further enhanced the space. The walls were painted a putty color, same bronze ceiling and black trim.

We found a gorgeous light fixture for the dining room, and all the other fixtures followed suit. The dining room chairs and kitchen cupboards were painted black to match the trim, and Italian tile, begging to be used from the archives, will suit the new kitchen floor and accent the area above the kitchen cupboards beautifully! Faux tin tiles cover the white ceramic tiles on the backsplash.

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