Kelly was moving into a new home in which every room needed to be painted and decorated. Her two children are always a design consideration.



The dining room was painted a deep orange and we switched out the dated gold lighting fixture for one that was a simple black metal. A black table and chairs opted for maximum flexibility and wear and tear from the kids. In the kitchen we went with blues and tans, the focal point being the splash wall behind the sink. We installed crystallized blue tile, which made a huge impact. The country border around the room was taken down and painted the same color as the cabinets to make the room look taller.

The beauty of Jesse’s work on my own personal level has been her ability to completely improve my living environment solely by using things already in my possession. I give her full reign of my home, my scrap material, basement, attic etc. and she finds ways to renovate without breaking the bank. I give my word that you will not be disappointed if you trust in her ability. – Kelly Diego

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