EKA Center for Yoga & Creativity

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Laura Coburn was ready to open her own yoga studio in downtown Auburn. The look of the space and the location were unknown for several months.


After exploring many options, Laura decided on a large open space in Genesee Center. The color of the existing carpet was grey with purple overtones. We used that to guide the wall color choices, which were light and dark shades of dusty lavender. The effect was very calming. Big thanks to IKEA, Laura found all the sleek modern furnishings we needed to outfit this multi-use space. I was brutal with maintaining either dark chocolate brown or black for all the furnishings and streamlining and organizing all contents needed in all areas- yoga supplies & storage, retail merchandise, a small kitchenette, and space for a massage practitioner. Laura also needed a desk/workspace. We worked together to craft the perfect space that balances simple and elegant. Check out her website for additional information.


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