Exchange Street Mosaics


Plain concrete walls divided up the newly renovated pedestrian mall, giving it a drab, unfinished industrial feel. There is huge potential for this public space with lots of foot traffic, located between Auburn Public Theater and Mesa Grande Taqueria.


This was the second job completed by the Community Mosaic Project. Over the course of 3 days, we outlined three compositions, designed by Janie Darovskikh. We then broke all the tile, cut all the mirror and glued it to the walls. Then we mixed 4 different grout colors and applied them to each separate area. Last, we painted the back sides of the walls to blend in with the composition.

 We had over 75 volunteers help us with this project, a big shout out to BluePrint II students, and everyone else who worked tirelessly. To complete three murals in basically 2 days is a huge accomplishment. Now the mall is bright and colorful and further compliments the investments made by APT and Mesa Grande. We seriously upgraded alfresco dining out there- Check it out!

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