Exchange Street Murals

Mosaic down  Me de  Jessie exchange

Problem: Sadly, these mosaic installations did not stand the test of time & weather. The first issue is the walls are curved top to bottom and side to side, so they could not be framed in to protect the edges from wear and tear. Second, they are also sitting on the ground, directly exposed to upstate NY’s harsh winter weather.

Solution: I was awarded a NYSCA grant to remove the mosaics and replace them with painted murals, a much more durable solution for this space. I worked with long-time partner David Tobin, as the project’s Technical Artist, he helped provide the right tools for removal, and also led the effort to seal and protect the finished product. Artists Jessie Reich and Blake Chamberlain created the crow designs, and Muralist Tony Clubine created the Owasco Lake design.

As always, amazing community volunteers showed up to help paint. I also coordinated with Auburn Public Theater for live music during the install. We worked for a few hours before heavy rain set in for the next two days, so the artists returned later on their own to finish the pieces. Tony had been using fluorescent paint, so we incorporated those bright colors into the design, and they sure do pop! The results are fantastic, with lots of positive feedback. Special thanks to Matt Weston from the Downtown Auburn BID, Mike Talbot from Auburn DPW, and all others that were involved. I look forward to the next art project.

Megan exchange  Crow done
Tony pre  Tony done

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