Gandee Gallery


Jen and her husband, who are both ceramic artists, purchased a two-story hardware store in Fabius. The upper story they remodeled into an open floor plan living space and the street level was to become a fine art gallery, with a ceramics studio for classes and work spaces for each of them. The downstairs space was outfitted with dated displays and horrific lighting. It felt sterile and unwelcoming. The gallery ultimately needed to be professional, yet the adjacent studio space user friendly.


Dismantling the old displays and lighting system was first, then painting the walls a pale grey neutral tone that would not compete with the artwork. Next steps were repainting the porch and casting the organic looking support columns. Then sheet rocking walls to separate the spaces, installing new lighting, casting new concrete display tops and a counter and polishing the floors. Jen and her husband did all the workĀ themselves, I might add, a huge feat, they are very talented!

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