Good Shepherd’s Brewing Company

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Good Shep’s owner Garrett Shepherd knows how to brew delicious beer- period. As far as what to do with the beige walls and nasty fluorescent tube lighting that negatively defined his space- not so much. Garrett also didn’t have a lot of dinero to spend on improvements, but he was open to my ideas, and guess what? Turns out, I will work for beer ;-).

Luckily, Garrett & his family are very handi-capable. Painting, building, electric- we got this! The color palette we chose complimented the logo, so rich bright greens & blues kept the space organic looking yet modern. We also used black below the wainscoting behind the bar to create definition and edge.

The tube lighting so needed to go and Lowe’s had some cool silver pendants with beer bubble shades that worked well with the metal ceiling & the brewery theme. The light fixture change alone completely transformed the space. He also used rope lighting creatively on the shelving and around the ceiling pipes for another playful effect.

Storage was an issue, so Garrett built some black shelves to display extra glass growlers labeled with his logo, and suddenly the wall becomes dedicated to showcasing his brand. The black metal chairs that fell off the delivery truck screamed Days Inn 1984, so I reupholstered the seats with some psychedelic fabric that I had from IKEA for a much improved look. I also brought in some stools that I had painted and decoupaged for even more seating. To unify the mix-matched fake wood tops on the tables & hi tops I painted them all a brushed silver metallic, again tying in the ceiling and other silver surfaces. Garrett also installed a bar ledge for added hangout space.

For the final touch we hung a funky exhibit of Kevin Burke’s work; he creates amazingly complex animals, Japanese animation style. Kevin also painted a fun beer pint with hops growing around it on the outside glass window, skillfully blocking the view of Auburn Police Department- buzz kill! The total result being I actually enjoy partying in there now, its way more hip & contemporary, and I feel good that we worked within a tight budget, being very resourceful. It was a pleasure to work with such a nice family, God bless!

chair  sheps pendant  sheps exhibit

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