House Staging

House Staging

House Staging


Glenda needed to quickly prepare for a realty open house, yet the one-story ranch was basically empty, needing more furniture and some serious sprucing.


We toured our local rent-a-centers to find the best furniture available. We found a neutral-colored couch, chaise lounge, reading chair, plus coffee and end tables, lamps and a kitchen table and chairs. By adding those pieces to the furniture we borrowed from our respective houses, we could give potential buyers an idea of how the space could be used, without cluttering it up. (Plus the rental company delivered everything, and picked it up, and the monthly fee was totally affordable.)

We kept the accessories very simple, with mirrors and metal wall decor. We decided to go sans carpets to showcase the beautiful hardwood floors. We also installed window treatments, and sold them with the house- an added bonus for the buyer- at little cost to the seller. Well, I’m happy to report the house sold in 3 DAYS! Of course I’d like to attribute it to the staging, and I think it’s safe say so, considering how flat the real estate market is right now!

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