Cindy wanted to give her kitchen and dining area a fresh look without investing a lot of time and energy. In that the floor plan was open, the flat beige tile backsplash in the kitchen was sucking the life out of the space, yet taking it down was too big a project. In general, there was too much wood tone happening between the cabinets and the dining table and chairs. We needed to create contrast, interest and accents.


This property is set deep in the woods, a beautiful backdrop I wanted to maximize and bring indoors. Therefore, a rich spring green was the perfect color to paint the walls in both areas. The color provided a continuum with the lush trees and plants outside, and pulled attention away from the beige tile/wood tone that was plaguing the look of the space.
The low ceiling was painted a few shades lighter, using the same green color. As soon as the painting was done, everything started to pop! 

Next we upgraded to a colorful stained glass light fixture over the dining area and placed a large green braided rug underneath, that better suited the dimensions of the dining set. Cindy also added braided chair pads to further enforce the theme, add softness and break up the wood. Then things were really starting to work.

Finishing touches were new window treatments that pulled in all the colors and didn’t hide the lovely view. Next Cindy’s husband Bill installed a tile border above the kitchen cupboards providing the perfect accent to tie it all up with a bow. Finally, Cindy has a great collection of MacKenzie-Childs Ltd. pieces that we strategically hung on the walls and displayed on counter tops and furniture pieces. Now, this is a very inviting lively space that the Krause’s enjoy entertaining their family and friends in. Cheers!

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