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MacKenzie Childs


The shop manager invited five regional designers to create a “table top” display as part of a fund-raising charity event for the summer. Using MacKenzie-Childs product, and some of our own props, we had unlimited reign to be creative. Shoppers were invited to vote on their favorite display, and discount incentives were offered.


I was last one in, so I was able to see what the other designers had done- but I could not use any of the same products seen in their displays. I took an unconventional approach to the “table top” and chose ottomans, low tables, floor pillows and a bar to fulfill my “Sex and the City” theme of cocktails with the girls! My top accent piece was a floral arrangement inside a black velvet jacket on a colorful hat box. My palette was hot pink, orange and black- perfect for summer.

MacKenzie Childs

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