Merry-Go-Round Playhouse Gala

MGR Gala

I sat on the committee for Ed Sayles 25th anniversary fundraiser production of “Way Off Broadway,” providing assistance with the decorating theme, event preparation and execution. Not wanting to spend money on centerpieces, I dove into MGR’s costume room to find vintage hats, shoes and accessories to tie into the red, white and black theme. Framed photographs from past seasons were hung on dividing screens on the stage, and mannequins were aligned with the rooms pillars to created more interest.

“Many designers/decorators are hired by clients who want it all, yet provide a very low budget. Jesse jumped into such a project, and faced an additional challenge of working with an entire committee. The result was over the top! We were amazed at her resourcefullness, the richness of her presentations and her talent for accessorizing. Her plans were creative and circumspect, and her approach is straightforward and collegial.” – Mary Tucker, MGR Board Member

MGR Gala

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