Refinery: Modern Fare at the Hilton Garden Inn

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Problem: The project scope included rebranding the BeauVine Chophouse name, logo, menu and identity and redesigning the dining room & bar space to make it more inviting to patrons. The desired effect is a toned-down, industrial chic, metropolitan gastro-lounge. Name/slogan: “Refinery: Converting Raw Materials into Modern Fare.”

Solution: My role as designer/project manager was giving/listening to input & ideas, then forming consensus on the design concept, colors, materials, finishes & overall look of the space. I also recommended the team players & vendors and made sure all the pieces work together as a whole, per the budget & timeline. Keith & Theresa Traub from Unite Two Design U2D were my first call, and later together, over dinner, we designed the new pendants, wall sconces, dining room privacy screen, wall & niche box art, window panels and metal work, and they then did all the custom fabrication & installation.

The color scheme was chocolate brown- as seen in the existing wood flooring & paneling- plus a deep royal purple color and chartreuse- a green/yellow. The purple is more dominant, as used in the LED rope that up-lights the ceiling panels & mirrors and shelving behind the bar. The chartreuse can be seen in small spots of accent color- like the table vases for floral arrangements.

The new name “Refinery” was incorporated in outdoor signage and on the glass walls adjacent to the hotel’s lobby/common area. More privacy & interest was created here, and on the dining room windows, by installing crushed brass metal screen panels that compliment the color palette and create an alluring effect. Brian Redfield & Emma Bauso, from Image Agent/Totem, designed the new logo, vinyl glass graphics & signage, took the on-site photography, plus designed the menu, printed pieces & the website update.

Another step in the project was removing the existing carpet in the dining room and in the bar, to then pour stamped & stained concrete sections. Ron Dennis handled this piece beautifully, and he also filled in the signature purple “R” logo bug in the center of the entry to reinforce the new identity. For the dining room, I created a modern design with FLOR carpet tiles, with horizontal stripes of the palette colors.

Per the décor, the existing furnishings remained, table cloths removed, and metal accents were  strategically used to create a new environment in both spaces. To add interest to the boring ceiling panels, metal ribbon strip screen accents were added to the ceiling panels over the lights. The bar façade was wrapped in brushed brass, and all the mirrors & shelving units were adorned with hammered brass polka dots. In the dining room, we created a decorative metal screen to encourage flow from the bar to the patio, while offering privacy to dining room patrons. Screen materials were mixed metals with strung wood painted beads hung on copper wire- yes I hand-painted the beads!

The built-in booths that were in the dining room, were pulled out and installed in the bar space to give it a more loungey and relaxed feel. The high banquet, bar stools & high top tables were then added to the dining room, again for more casual seating options.

Lighting is key to any environment, and the square recessed spots over the tables & bar were outfitted with custom-made hanging pendants. Two different style pendants created variety; one made of concrete & exposed metal support cage, and the other ribbon strips of metal. U2D also create new metal wall sconces for both spaces.

Custom sculptural mixed-media wall art was fabricated by U2D for the bar & dining room to replace existing framed art pieces. Custom pieces were also crafted for the 5 recessed niche spaces in the dining room. Last, we installed a copper chain link curtain over the closet entry in the bar to offer more interest, and block the visual hole. The total effect is downright sexy, date night, here you come!

Big thanks to Ed Pavente of Emerald Hospitality, and Roy, head of the Hilton’s B&G department. They were instrumental in navigating design approval from the property partners & in-house installation work.

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