Dave Tobin


 Dave bought a large historic house that needed lots of work in various areas. The room colors were very dark and cold. So first, we selected the color palette theme for the house, and then the detailed breakout of the colors for each room. Then Dave got started with the task of painting.


 The kitchen was the first order of business, and the red and caramel tones we chose really warmed it up. They also complemented the beautiful wood floors that Dave had refinished through out the house. The bathroom was a total redo; and we decided to go modern, with a sleek black whirlpool tub, vanity and fixtures. The sink is a red glass bowl with black swirls, the obvious inspiration piece for the room. It is gorgeous! Dave’s living room had huge potential by investing in some quality leather furnishings and showcasing his artwork collection and decorative rugs and patterned pillows from his exotic travels this room is cozy and very welcoming!

“With focus and enthusiasm, her spot-on design sense and incredible creativity, Jesse cleared the clutter I faced moving into a new home. She made the overwhelming manageable, and with key color recommendations, helped make a drab house a joy to enter.”  – Dave Tobin


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