Victorian House at Westminster


Looking for new tenants, the Victorian House participated in a Historic Homes Tour. Although the rooms were attractive, with high ceilings, shuttered windows and beautiful woodwork, the overall feeling was uninviting.


Since this project had no budget, we downsized and rearranged the furniture that was already there. We also added some soft touches, like more plants and reading materials. Artwork was borrowed from local artists to adorn the bare walls, and lace window treatments were donated from a local business. (This residence is now at full occupancy.)

Our Victorian House of Westminster participated in the Historical Homes Tour. Thanks to Jesse and her company, the ingredients necessary to flatter the public with a welcoming, ingratiating home became obvious as the compliments and comments poured in during the tour. If you are looking for a sudden burst of creativity, Jesse has it all. The best part is the fact that her company tosses around the ideas and creates a dynamic artistic flair with such skill.

– Renee Campbell

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