WCNY “Food for Thought”

WCNY - Food for Thought


This TV set was in serious need of a facelift. The existing color palette was dark wine and mint green with cream-colored shag carpeting- glued on the walls! Oh, yeah… Due to end of year finances, the budget was small, so I suggested approaching Lowe’s Home Improvements for help, knowing they were opening a new store in the nearby Syracuse area.

After weeks of waiting, word came through that they would donate $1500 in merchandise – at cost, and in stock. So, Chris Xaver and I took the store by storm, hitting every department, making most selections as planned with a few compromises on what was available. Then the fun was over, and the long, hard installation began.


Luckily, the show was dark during Christmas – New Year’s, so we had about 10 solid days to work our magic and change every inch of the set. As per the look, my goal was contemporary bistro, mixed with warm Tuscan accents- this is a cooking show after all! The wallpaper was the inspiration piece, with funky waves of warm browns and blues. The terracotta tile that we installed on the fronts of the two islands and above the stove begged adding a deep burnt orange, which we paired with a marine blue.

For texture, we installed natural weave shades, faux leather wallpaper and applied a golden raked stucco to the kitchen area of the set. A modern glass sink and amber pendant lighting pulled the whole look together. We also installed new Formica tops to both the islands, a new stove top and new flooring. You got it, a small miracle took place and it looks 100% amazing. The fresh new logo design brought it to “11,” and everyone was thrilled!

“I just wanted to give a big thank you to Jesse Kline, Chris Xaver and Steve Pardon, for all their effort that went into designing and constructing an incredible set. They all spent the past week working late into evenings, through both the holiday weekends, and even on the holidays!  The set looks awesome and is everything I dreamed it to be.”

– Brian Damm, Assistant Vice President of Television Production, WCNY Public Broadcasting

“We weathered the storm and really showed what a team can do when they trust each other and have a vision for the final product.”

– Chris Xaver, Program Chair, Communications & Media Arts – Tompkins Cortland Community College

Pre Design


Post Design

WCNY - Food for Thought

WCNY - Food for Thought

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