Gwen Webber-McLeod


Gwen was at the point where her children were getting older, her family was decided on staying in their current location, and she was ready to focus on upgrading her home. For her, the bathroom was the first order of business, and the other rooms would follow. 


Although the bathroom was a decent size, it looked small since the walls were painted a dark hunter green. Gwen’s pallet we coined “Caribbean cool,” with warm purples, greens, blues and yellows. Copper was chosen as the accent color and a chair rail was installed so we could introduce numerous colors on the walls. 

The bottom half we striped in copper and on the chair rail and vanity we used a speckled spray paint that looked like sandstone. The new toilet seat we found was fossilized, to add to the theme, and mosaic towel holders and candles further softened the effect. The topper was the stone tiling that was installed as a backsplash below the mirror and in the shower. We also mimicked the square pattern on the shower curtain on the ceiling. 

Jesse used her vision and amazing talent to transform my home into a beautiful work of art. Her ability to listen to  my goals, work respectfully in my space, and to bring our shared creative vision to life was amazing. My family was blessed by her many gifts. I encourage all and any interested in fun fabulous interior design to contact her. – Gwen Webber-McLeod 






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