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Stephanie needed an attractive work space for her growing honey and lavender business and a conducive learning space  for her children, within a large-scaled industrial garage. The space felt very vacuous and cold, so we carved out an area in an inner corner and set to work. Creating something from nothing was no small feat. I enlisted the help of long-time colleague and carpenter Paul Elice to help us design and build out this space.


Lists were made detailing all the equipment, supplies and materials that needed a home in storage drawers and cabinets. A premium goal was providing maximum counter space for honey and lavender processing, plus social and studying space for the family as well. We then enlisted a kitchen designer’s help to digitally select the cabinet pieces to match the dimensions we were working in. We chose to build custom shelves versus wall cupboards to keep the walls light and homey. The rich walnut stain matches the existing woodwork and trim as seen in the house.

Once the basics were covered, it was time for icing. Paul built a multi-level copper-top bar and an overhead post & beam grid to both pull together and dress up the entire space. This move also brought the ceiling height down and afforded the option for a more attractive lighting system preferable to the fluorescent garage fixtures above. Woven baskets for additional storage on the shelves and woven light pendants over the bar added a much-needed natural element.

Tackling the concrete flooring was the finishing touch. After it was stained, I chose to use FLOR carpet tiles so we could control both the rug’s design and the size of the covering. Stephanie’s palette was reds and yellows, so we started there and added some other colors to complement. The result is stunning! It is highly functional and attractive, which is what we were shooting for. This project was an enjoyable joint effort by all involved.

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