This project was a French country rental cottage overlooking the east side of Owasco Lake. Mary Ellen was trying to bring the property up a notch. She blew out the existing ceiling in favor of an airy cathedral-style, and installed beams to further accentuate the space above. The new sheet rocked walls and cabinets were stark white. Plus, all the furniture needed to be rearranged for multi-purpose uses.


Much to my delight, Mary Ellen was very open to using bold colors and fun prints. We chose bright yellow, red and blue for the color palette, plus created mosaic accents in the kitchen and the bathroom. She even let me carry the fish-theme out on the refrigerator! Using a new product on the market, I secured mosaic-patterned window gels right to the glass in the bathroom to provide more privacy.

In addition I reupholstered chairs, made pillows, and other custom curtains for the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Spatially, we moved a large wood cabinet into one of the bedrooms, and positioned the large couch against the back wall, opening up the room. We added a glass cafe table with sunburst chairs from the main house and a loveseat for more eating and sitting areas.

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